Wednesday, August 29, 2007

UK Photos

Too lazy to blog with actual words, so here are some photos from Wales (the ones with the water wheel), from Greenbelt (with James Alison under the red and white tent) and in the Cotswolds.

The indoor Roman images are from the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, the external church photo with the church in the distance is from the parish church in Cirencester (its a big one) and the other church shots are from the Fairford Church (a rare one because it has original stain glass and an image of Mary that the Puritans didn't destroy.) The stone cat marks the grave of Tittles the Cat, Fairford Church cat that lived for nearly 17 years!

If you REALLY want to know what any of the pictures are all about, just ask. Otherwise, just make it up for yourself. :-)

Click on photo for larger image. Thanks to Trevor, James and James for being such lovely hostesses.

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At 8:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorites are the first pic with the garden in front of the building and also the one of the rock wall, as was the pic of the tree breaking through the stone wall in your Doin' Time in Southern Wales blog enty.

At 4:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have been thinking about you lately! Hope your trip is going well!


At 2:12 PM , Blogger Willie Hewes said...

:D Lovely pictures.


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